Welcome to Pict DigitalWho is Pict?

Pict is a new digital marketing and design agency based in Aberdeenshire and provides a range of services which assist businesses.

The Picts were a tribe that lived in the North East of Scotland in the late Iron Age and early medieval period. That’s not what this is about though, information about the actual Picts is for a future article!.

Why is Pict?

Pict was founded as a response to the number of businesses in Scotland who are not taking full advantage of the online resources available to them. Pict aims to help these companies make their mark and gain customers in the digital world.

Over the past decade, the growth of social media has been unprecedented: many large companies now have a strong website which draws its customers from a variety of social media platforms and can directly interact with its customers one to allow for a more personal service.

It’s now so important to have a strong digital presence in order to compete with these large companies. When considering how significant your company’s online presence is, it’s worth asking yourself: when you search for your company online, is it easy to find? Do you bring in customers using any social media platforms? Are you able to appeal to people outside of just your local area?

How can Pict help you?

Having Pict give you a hand with any (or all) of these areas will have a significant effect on how your company is seen by the wider world and ultimately lead towards the growth of your business.

What makes Pict different from other digital marketing agencies is that we work to create a service tailored to you, in a realistic price range. Other small agencies might offer a ‘one size fits all’ package, we work closely with you to identify the specific areas you need help with in order to provide you with a specialised service.

As well as providing these digital marketing services, Pict will work with you to show you how to use them yourself, rather than leaving you high and dry to deal with new and unfamiliar technologies. This will enable you to be able to have total control over the process of improving your digital presence.

If you’d like to have a chat with us about how we can work with you and your company, please contact us below!

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