What is Digital Marketing?

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Hi there, I’m Josh and this is the first video in a series by Pict that will hopefully help your business use digital marketing.

Today we’re talking about what Digital Marketing actually is and it’s a hard term to define because it is quite broad. I’ve split it into three main categories that I find it useful to think about: creation, implementation and analysis.


The first of these categories, ‘creation’ is about anything that you make to put online for your business. So, this refers to content – content is things like videos (like this), articles, blog posts, podcasts, white papers and graphics. Anything that you put out online to give your business colour and vibrancy and interest. Also, creation can refer to making the things that actually allow you to deliver this content and information to your customers. This is things like websites and emails that will be sent out with your product offerings in them.

Creation is very important but it’s nothing without the second category which is implementation.  



This is the strategy and planning aspect of Digital Marketing which allows you to look at the thing that you have created and see how they will get out to the customers. In fact, this is a stage of a few different kinds of question:

  • how it will get to your customers
  • where it will reach those customers and
  • who your customers actually are.

Implementation, the second category can be really informed by the third category of Digital Marketing which I want to talk to you today about which is Analysis.



Analysis is a particularly important category because it’s something that Digital Marketing allows you to do really well. Analysis using tools and techniques can make your business understand exactly where your customers are coming from. For example, you can analyse a journey from a post on social media, through to your website, through to your product page and then finally buying your product. With analysis you’ll know that they came from what you put out on social media thanks to digital marketing tools.

All three of these together I believe make up a large part of what Digital Marketing is although there are a lot of things within these categories that are important too like SEO, SEM, web design – a number of different disciplines. Hopefully we’ll be able to look at these in future weeks.

If you want to talk to me about any of these or about anything else, then there will be details below about how to get in touch with Pict. Thank you very much and we hope to see you again soon.

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