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Back before I used Divi I was often stuck using WordPress themes, and it was always a battle against what the theme offered and what I wanted to use it for. Every website I put together for a client was with a different theme and each one required time to learn how to use it.

Since starting to utilise Divi, I’ve used the one theme for all my clients’ sites, and they all look completely different. Once you’ve learnt how to use the basic controls Divi becomes highly customisable and suitable for a huge range of projects.


It’s fast!

I have had experience using other visual builders in the past, and often the multitude of short codes means that websites run slower at the expense of customisation.

With Divi, the speed of a WordPress website isn’t compromised, so I no longer have to trade off speed for functionality.


Your clients can use it!

Thanks to the simplicity of the visual builder and the Divi system, clients who are less digitally proficient can quickly pick up the key aspects of building pages quickly. They can build posts and pages more like using print publishing software, and they don’t need any prior knowledge of HTML or CSS.


It’s got a ton of features

Before Divi, I often had to use plugins to achieve a number of different elements on a WordPress website. With Divi, these features are all built in and work with the visual builder – so websites are plug-in light but include sliders, galleries, sticky menus, accordion tabs and much more.


Lifetime Upgrades

I really appreciate Divi’s system of lifetime membership. Instead of having to worry about year-on-year subscription payments like some other premium themes, Divi can be bought in one go then used on as many sites as you like. You can then upgrade these sites ad infinitum – which is ideal.

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