Website Design

Web Design

Pict digital offers a full web design service that can re-design an existing website or build one for you from scratch. Most websites are WordPress which we fit with a useful visual builder plugin to make updates easier for you. Pict can also help you on other types of web project. Pict also offers special rates for local businesses in Aberdeenshire and Angus.

Social Media

Pict can assist you with your current social media offering and make suggestions on how to improve this best for your business. This can also involve helping you plan your social media and create engaging content.


We have an extensive knowledge of email marketing and can assist you in sending impactful emails to your list. This can use clients such as MailChimp or sending mail directly using SMTPs. Pict can assist by crafting interesting HTML emails.


SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. Pict can help you increase your ranking on Google and get discovered by more people. Equally, Pict can help you on a local basis, making sure you are visible to people where you are located.


Graphic and Print Design

Graphic Design

Pict provides graphic design services from logos to online infographics. We can produce graphics to request, at any size and in vector format.

Print Design

Pict has an extensive knowledge of print design so can help produce posters, banners, brochures, programmes, books, book covers, eBooks and documents of any type.


Content, Video and Photography


Video is now used widely by companies and organisations to promote their offerings and products. Pict can help film and edit different videos for your company to assist with your marketing.


Pict can help take pictures which you can use to promote your business on your website or as key marketing content. Photos are a great way of showcasing what your business has to offer.


Pict can help write copy for your website or create content which you can use to help promote your products and services. Additionally, we can check and edit existing copy, updating this for ease of reading and SEO purposes.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing, Analytics, SEM and SEO


Pict can help you come up with a digital marketing strategy that helps you bring in new leads and reach more people. We can also comprehensively audit your existing digital offering and make helpful suggestions.


Pict can provide you with key training in digital marketing and associated skills to make sure that you are equipped to utilise the opportunities provided by a website and social media. Additionally, Pict can provide training in how to use and operate technical software such as Email or CMS (Content Management Systems).


Pict can help you come up with a digital marketing strategy that helps you bring in new leads and reach more people using tools like Google AdWords. We can also help you plan and run digital marketing campaigns.


Pict can help set up your Google Analytics and also assist you in understanding the statistics and getting the most out of this useful tool. Pict can help set up tracking for your marketing activities and key goals for you to work towards

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